AW Texas



In 2019, the city of Cibolo approved incentives for Japan-based manufacturing company Aisin AW – operating as AW Texas, Inc. – to build a $400 million new supplier facility and bring more than 900 jobs to the region. Through our partnership with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF), we worked with AW Texas, Inc. to announce the facility’s groundbreaking and position the event as a significant economic development milestone for the region and the state of Texas.

The biggest challenge was putting together a must-attend event with a culturally relevant feel on an empty piece of land. In addition to producing something hospitable from nothing, it was critical that our execution was flawless. AW Texas’ first presence in Texas had to create a stellar first impression.

In addition, it was imperative that the event highlight the project’s impact on the Texas economy. Therefore, our team leveraged Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s participation to gain the interest of state-wide media outlets so that we could share the AW Texas message broadly.

Event logistics went smoothly, and our diligent public relations efforts resulted in state-wide digital, print, TV and radio coverage that positioned AW Texas as an integral part of the state’s economic development and a good partner to the regional community.