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Curiosity is a Core Value.

It’s in our nature to be curious. So, it’s only natural that we regularly check in with innovative leaders from across Texas to get the scoop on how they are working to create positive consequence in our communities.

We share those conversations on thePoint, and the extended interviews on our podcast, More to thePoint. We think you’ll find them inspiring and informative.


Ep. 42 Kim Jefferies
Ep. 41 Mikko Turtiainen
Ep. 40 Carlos Contreras
Ep. 39 Rudy Garza and Janie Gonzalez
Ep. 38 Gordon Hartman
Ep. 37 Jesus Saenz
Ep. 36 Randy Smith
Ep. 35 Phil Green and Katie Harvey
Ep. 34 Dr. Lon Smith
Ep. 33 Joe Fisher
Ep. 32 Katie Vela
Ep. 31 Gerry Schwebel
Ep. 30 Glenn Hamer
Ep. 29 Mark Medici
Ep. 28 Billy Hamilton
Ep. 27 Jelynne LeBlanc Jamison
Ep. 25 with AJ Rodriguez
Ep. 24 with Joe Straus
Ep. 23 with Eric Cooper
Ep. 22 with Hope Andrade
Ep. 21 with Pedro Martinez
Ep. 20 with Roy Spence
Ep. 19 with Major General Salinas
Ep. 18 with David Robinson
Ep. 17 with Erik Walsh
Ep. 16 with Rosemary Kowalski
Ep. 15 with Jenna Saucedo-Herrera
Ep. 14 with Dan Menelly
Ep. 13 With Commissioner Cagle
Ep. 12 with Henry Cisneros
Ep. 11 with Kathy Garcia & Juan Antonio Flores
Ep. 10 with John Dickson
Ep. 9 with Will Garrett & Amanda Keammerer
Ep. 8 with Kevin Wolff
Ep. 7 with Gordon Hartman
Ep. 6 with Jim Perschbach
Ep. 5 with Paula Gold-Williams
Ep. 4 with Jeff Arndt
Ep. 3 with Casandra Matej
Ep. 2 with Russ Handy
Ep. 1 with Mayor Ron Nirenberg
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