Fiesta in San Antonio is a decades-old tradition, and it all started with the Battle of Flowers Parade. The original, 19th-century version of the parade left the streets littered with flower petals. As the festivities changed, so did the post-party remains.

Texas Disposal Systems (TDS), the state’s most eco-conscious, innovative waste company, joined the Fiesta Commission as a sponsor and wanted to encourage recycling and decrease trash volume during the parade and other Fiesta-related events. The company needed an eye-catching, relevant way to share their recycling message and encourage consumer participation. We started with using a graphic treatment to the rally cry, “Recycle, Fiesta!” on event materials, in print advertising and on waste disposal canister wraps.

This was complemented by a distinctive video produced entirely in-house by our scrappy creative team with little time and a small budget. Recyclable items such as plastic cups, food containers and water bottles marched across the screen and into a recycling bin. The video aired during the local, live TV broadcast of the parade, as well as running on TDS’s social media platforms.