For more than a century, the Express-News has been a San Antonio institution, providing news and information to the growing city. When the newspaper created a membership-based, digital-only product with exclusive content beyond the daily subscription that would keep its member-readers “in the know,” the Express-News’s leadership recognized that the product needed a distinct name and brand.

When they came to us, they came to the right place. After digging deeply into research and user insights, our creative team developed a brand name – Express Access – that would appeal to consumers while also distinguishing the new product from the daily newspaper.

Once we had the name in place, the team brought the visual component to life. Since Express Access’s content would extend beyond traditional news and the conservative manner in which it’s delivered, we were able to tap into a more relaxed look, tone and feel. Our inspiration was the spirit, energy and colors associated another exclusively San Antonio institution – Fiesta.

The end result is a dynamic logo and visual assets that when paired with the new product’s name created a comprehensive branding package that immediately differentiates Express Access from the Express-News, attracts the attention of potential members and piques their interest in membership.