Endeavors provides life-changing services to individuals, families and Veterans affected by homelessness, disaster, and mental health issues. While Endeavors has successfully grown its services to a national level, brand awareness within its own hometown in San Antonio has struggled. This meant that people in need were missing out on valuable resources that Endeavors could provide, so we were eager to step in and help.

We kicked off the project with a research study to gauge awareness of Endeavors among San Antonio audiences. The results reinforced our primary goal to build brand recognition locally, before extending the campaign to broader regional and national audiences.

Our team quickly realized that we had to get creative in order to reach people who needed assistance. For example, many of these individuals were experiencing poverty and homelessness, so only running TV ads wouldn’t be effective. We needed to build a diverse, multi-channel campaign that not only targeted the people who needed help, but also reached their friends, family members and broader community circles who could connect them to Endeavors.

The campaign included a series of short-form videos that specifically highlighted Veteran services, community-based services and emergency services. The videos provided an intimate perspective of different individuals and families that were facing challenges of PTSD, homelessness and crisis. Endeavors was positioned as the crossroads of hope and help for these people, providing a new holistic approach to supporting and healing their lives. We developed supporting content for the videos, and ran all final creative assets across broadcast, print, digital and social media.

Since its launch during the summer of 2021, the campaign has successfully raised brand awareness among San Antonio audiences, increased applications at Endeavors’ new Veteran Wellness Center, and won an Award of Merit for media relations.

This story is still underway. The campaign is currently in progress and will be followed by a post-campaign research study to measure effectiveness.