PR & Marketing Insights: April 6-April 10, 2020

Read our blog for the latest end-of-week update from our CEO, Katie Harvey, as we close out another week of social distancing due to COVID-19. Katie offers perspective on running a full-service marketing and public relations agency during this time, while also sharing helpful industry resources on how brands are positioning their messaging during this time, how social media is keeping us together while we’re apart, and much more.

Home Blog PR & Marketing Insights: April 6-April 10, 2020

PR and Marketing Insights: April 6-April 10, 2020

It’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks since our stay-home orders. Sometimes is seems surreal, at other times totally normal. In times like these, brands that step up into a leadership role and communicate effectively with their stakeholders are the brands that truly become trusted. It’s been inspiring and gratifying to work with some of you that are doing truly amazing things for our communities right now. It’s my hope that in these news highlights, you’ll see something that sparks an idea or gives you encouragement. My team and I remain here for you always, in all ways. Meanwhile, prayers are with you, your families and your employees. 

 ~ Katie


7 Brands Getting Email Right During a Crisis

No doubt your inbox has been flooded with COVID-19-related email. It seems everyone you’ve ever done business or communicated with has something to say. But who’s saying it well? Those who are sticking to their values and sharing something meaningful. Content Marketing Institute shares great examples of their PR and Marketing expertise here.

Consumers Believe Brands Can Lead Coronavirus Response

Marketing Dive shared compelling insights from an Edelman report that indicated, “Sixty-two percent of respondents said that their country will not make it through this crisis without brands playing a critical role in addressing the challenges. Fifty-five percent said that brands and companies are responding more quickly and effectively than government.” Get the full dive here.

#ShareASquare social campaign from Cottonelle

If you can recall the classic episode of Seinfeld that Cottonelle’s new hashtag evokes, then you’ll get the joke immediately. The brand launched a social media campaign to urge consumers to stop stockpiling toilet paper. The serious side of the effort is the brand’s tied-in support of the United Way. Learn more about #ShareASquare here.

From Social Media Today: Physically Distant, Socially Connected

Even though it’s a necessity to stay apart physically, it’s exponentially more important than ever before to find ways to stay connected. And it’s a perfect time for verticals to step up and deliver in new ways what consumers want. Check out this infographic from Inmar Intelligence:

“Go Everywhere:” How Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Media Strategy Is Revolutionizing Coronavirus Messaging

There’s little wonder that Dr. Fauci is a household name during the current pandemic. Vanity Fair attributes that fact to the Vice President’s media team, which follows a smart formula to secure media coverage: Be authentic. Be bold. Be aggressive. Be everywhere. “With a little innovation and a willingness to fail by venturing into unorthodox venues, enterprising public officials can overhaul the way they use the media to reach the American people to win elections.” We might add, to win consumers, too. Read the entire article here.


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